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A young girl escapes from her hometown, leaving friends and family.

After many years, she returns to her place.
What was behind her vanishing?

Sea of Leaves is a contemplative game set in the Gargano, a remote region in southern Italy.

Half drama, half mistery, the story of Sea of Leaves revolves aound a disappearance from the perspective of the missing one.
In Sea of Leaves you will explore the story through the stream of consciousness, which will reveal thoughts, memories, feelings and sensation.

Unlike other games, Sea of Leaves is a contemplative experience with an introspective, partly randomized and branching story. The game requires you to observe, reflect and find multiple meanings. Sea of Leaves is inspired by poetry, ergodic literature and Virginia Woolf's stream of consciousness.

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We are an independent studio focusing on story-driven titles at the crossroad of Art and Technology.
Our games are emotional journeys through human stories, with unique characters and experiences.

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