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• the game •

A young girl escapes from her hometown, leaving friends and family.

After many years, she returns to her place.
Why does she come back?
What was behind her escape?

Get ready to experience the homecoming of a girl gone long time ago.

Sea of Leaves is a contemplative game where the environment plays a key role to explore main character's thoughts, memories and sensations. It's not easy to get back home after many years of silence, and that's what the game experience is about: fighting fears by looking for help in the familiar places.

Inspired by ergodic literature and Virginia Woolf's stream of consciousness, Sea of Leaves's story is introspective, partly randomized and branching.

Sea of Leaves is set in a remote province of Apulia, in southern Italy and includes wonderful scenarios with full day/night cycle.

• the team •

Sea of Leaves is developed by The Sea and the Forest, a tiny independent game studio composed of Firtina Ozbalikci and Simona Maiorano.

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